Friday, July 30, 2010

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HAPPY Birthday Daddy! Today July 30, 2010 my Dad born in 1930 celebrates the anniversary of his Birth. He was born in Gridley, CA. He likes to submit names of our Ancestors to have Temple work done. He has submitted hundreds of names. He & my mother loved doing this work & often took vacations just to see a great grandparent’s old homestead, birthplace of gravestone. Dad loves to talk about the existence of UFO’s. He walks everyday (he’ll tell you how many steps) for exercise and loves talking about what an inspiration he must be at age 77. My favorite memory of my Dad is Camping, hiking & fishing AZ. He would take all of us (6 Kids) on an allay hike and wear us out. I’m sure it was to give our Mother a break. We would walk for hours & Dad would say – “just around this corner & we are home”, over & over again. And eventually it was true. Also – every time we were squeezed together for a picture Dad would whisper in my ear “YOU know, you are my favorite Daughter”. I love you Dad!

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  1. haha Grandpa is so cute! He tells me I am his favorite grandaughter too...that little trickster. ;)