Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Riding Shaka & the "Secret" Verde River

In June I got a vacation from my Dad. Thank You! Michele & Jennifer had him come to Ohio for a couple of weeks. Jennifer works for Delta Airlines so Dad can Fly Free. It is a great perk. Then we got a quick visit from Jennifer & girls the first of July. I love the Nielsen girls. I can not imagine my life without them. We have made so many memories together. The whole flying free deal has helped us remain close even though they moved to Ohio. The Girls came & we enjoyed some of the good AZ Sunshine. Jess loves to share his old Mule, Shaka. We also had some fun at a very secret little oasis just outside of Payson, AZ. Jesse has a lot of these little secrets. . . I’ve been with him for 26 almost 27 years and never been here… we had a great visit!

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  1. Wish we still had those great free flight benefits too! We had fun visiting you.