Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life has been very good in spite of work, household chores, & the economy. Jesse turned 50 this year and my Sisters Michele & Jennifer and I decided that was a good excuse to go to Hawaii. Thanks to Sister Michele with the Travel Club & the great room rates – we started making plans. Then since Jared was Graduating from BYU & he had never been to Hawaii – I invited him & Jamie. We planned & shopped & planned & bought swim suits and made reservations for tours and made everyone crazy just talking about it. I know we did! Sorry ... .but we were so excited. We saw the kids in February for a short visit when a dear friend of ours lost her Son. Mark Spradlin was one of Jared’s childhood friends. Hmmmm, very sad. Anyway, my point was this, while we were sharing time with them in February our sweet little Nash turned 2. That baby boy has stolen our hearts. Jess & I both started having a little anxiety just thinking about taking his parents away from him for 8 days. What were we thinking!?! Nash was in good hands though & so we were able to have a good time. I mean it was Hawaii. I did learn a couple of things which I will share; 1) 8 days in Kauai was too long. 2) next time, just me & my Sisters or just me & my Husband. It was great sharing Hawaii with Jared & Jamie - so Jurassic Park =0)

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